Training in your setting delivered by Gloucestershire based ICAN Licensed Tutor, Helen Rose costs £400 for ealy Talk Boost, and £500 for Talk Boost KS1 and Talk Boost KS2.  As an example of how this might work, if your school were to host the training and wanted 2 TA/Teacher pairs to attend and invited another school to join you, also with 2 TA/Teacher pairs, this would cost £62.50 per head. Invoices are sent to the host school.


In addition, your setting will need to purchase the relevant resources directly from ICAN prior to your training. These packs as listed below are only available for use by licensed practitioners.


Early Talk Boost

The Early Talk Boost Intervention Pack includes the Participant book, Intervention Manual, Parent Training, Tracker Tool, Toolkit  and 10 x 8 Jake and Tizzy story book and costs £480.


Talk BoostKS1

 This resource has been updated to provide settings with all of the essential and additional resources required for Talk Boost KS1 and costs £500.


Talk Boost KS2

The Talk Boost KS2 Intervention Pack costs £500 per TA/Teacher pair. This pack includes the Intervention Manual, Organiser Box, Teacher Manual and Tracker, 12 x Communication Detective Notebooks and 2x Participant Books.


Ordering Resources

This is done directly through ICAN. For more information see their website.

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